Western Plains Security Network

Alarms and CCTV

Western Plains Security & Locksmiths offers our clients full service security solutions focusing on complete integration of electronic security, CCTV, access control and locking systems, including installation service of all major alarm and CCTV monitoring services. If you need a system designed and or upgraded to meet new specifications then we are the team for you. We provide outside the square solutions on a daily basis and solving your issues is our business. 

SLED Alarm Installers SLED Alarm Installers (1716 KB)

Our Services Include: Integrated technology solutions 

• Electronic Alarm Systems 
• High integrity security monitoring polled services 
• Integration of electronic alarm, camera and access control systems 
• Integration of building management services 
• Temperature and water level alarms all applications 
• Smoke Detection and fire panel integration 
• CCTV analogue and digital service 
• VMS monitoring software services 
• Access control
• Biometric identification services 

Alarm Systems

Western Plains Security & Locksmiths can provide a wide range of Alarm Systems solutions that are designed specifically for your needs based on a professional assessment of your property or business with alarm systems being by Grade A1 back-to-base monitoring. All alarm systems are serviced by our qualified technicians who are well seasoned specialists in their fields. 

Western Plains Security & Locksmiths can also offer our customer an exclusive web portal access to their alarm monitoring account allowing them to update records make phone number changes and staff changes as they happen. This system will provide you direct access to your alarms history so you always know what is happening and you don’t have to sit on hold waiting for an operator to help with your request. Just grab your smart phone tablet or PC login and everything is at your fingertips.

Our monitoring is so advanced our systems can send the alarm to your phone and email if required while our operator is processing the information and contacting the response team.

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Smoke Detectors

Western Plains Security & Locksmiths qualified technicians can provide recommendations and integration of fire detection and fire alarm systems in the commercial/industrial premises or a simple smoke detector for the home/office.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Video surveillance is used to detect crime and enhance safety and is an invaluable tool to assist in the protection of your business, people and property. Western Plains Security & Locksmiths can supply and install strategically positioned camera units that detect all movement, activity. We can integrate audio PA systems to play warning messages on movement detection within premises or industrial yards. Using real-time reporting and recording systems back to a central control point which can be the customer’s premises or 24/7 manned control room the CCTV system protects important assets providing not only asset protection but is a useful tool helping manage WHS issues. CCTV can help protect against false damage claims from personal injury to asset damage within your business.

Western Plains Security & Locksmiths also offer single cameras that can SMS your phone or email account for use on the farm, remote locations or any other place at risk from attack. 

Our CCTV service can also be coupled with our 24-hour back to base, alarm monitoring which will allow control room staff to view footage remotely when your alarm is triggered and respond accordingly.